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Adding a email account in Apple Mail

1. Open Apple Mail and choose menu  MAIL > ACCOUNTS…   2. Click the + symbol at bottom left of pane.   3. Click “Add Other Account” at bottom of list.     4. Enter the BlueAvocado email account info I sent you.     5. Change to POP (not IMAP) and make sure the […]

Consistency vs. Coherence

“But, similar to how molds are created to ensure that every component of a product is manufactured in exactly the same way, this consistency can become repetitive and doesn’t go far enough to create truly equitable relationships between people and the products and services that they use. It is better to strive for coherency, where […]

Blue Shield Foundation monographs

Four short booklets covering executive transitions for the healthcare sector. The challenge: unify four very different topics into a cohesive framework, yet give each its own angle. And rightly get the semantics of that angle for the title and topic. A secondary challenge: stay close to the client’s color palette, but not too close that […]

A Document is a Place

This statement by Bob Stein of The Institute on the Future of the Book in a recent Imprint story caught my eye: “I view the book as a place where readers congregate and the social aspect of reading is where we’re going.”

10 Rules to Reverse the Email Spiral

We think these rules are so good, we’ve reprinted them directly from The Email Charter. 1. Respect Recipients’ Time This is the fundamental rule. As the message sender, the onus is on YOU to minimize the time your email will take to process. Even if it means taking more time at your end before sending. 2. Short […]