Adding a email account in Apple Mail

1. Open Apple Mail and choose menu  MAIL > ACCOUNTS…



2. Click the + symbol at bottom left of pane.



3. Click “Add Other Account” at bottom of list.




4. Enter the BlueAvocado email account info I sent you.




5. Change to POP (not IMAP) and make sure the other data fields are correctly entered.




6. Enter your “Send Mail” SMTP info (based on whatever your home internet provide has told you).




7. All done, the account is now in the list of mailboxes on Apple Mail.


Nonprofit fundraising is a group sport

The 2013 design for the William & Elise Haas Jr. Foundation, a report titled “UnderDeveloped.” We wanted something bold, but also including some humanity into the equation without resorting to stock photos. Something fun and accessible. Read more

cartoon graphic of client and designer

How a web design goes straight to hell

Extremely funny comic, especially the verbatim quotes from the clients. From “The Oatmeal.”

Read more

logo of Traverso Santana Design

5 Rules for Great Design Feedback

You’ve been here before: artwork has been set in front of you and you’ve been asked to respond. You struggle with the wide-open question, “What do you think?” But you don’t have to struggle to give great feedback if you keep in mind these five simple ideas: Read more

image of human figures

Consistency vs. Coherence

“But, similar to how molds are created to ensure that every component of a product is manufactured in exactly the same way, this consistency can become repetitive and doesn’t go far enough to create truly equitable relationships between people and the products and services that they use. It is better to strive for coherency, where the consistency that we’ve already described in our design is married with a system of meaning that people can believe in and choose to be a part of: the brand.

This belief comes from the brand, and tying the two together–interaction and brand–in a coherent system will facilitate experiences that are richer and lasting. We must create the brand pattern.”

—  How Do You Turn Pixels Into A Full-Blown Brand Experience?

Blue Shield Foundation monographs

Four short booklets covering executive transitions for the healthcare sector. The challenge: unify four very different topics into a cohesive framework, yet give each its own angle. And rightly get the semantics of that angle for the title and topic. A secondary challenge: stay close to the client’s color palette, but not too close that it looks like an in-house publication or official document from the Foundation or its subcontractor, CompassPoint. Read more

CompassPoint Annual Report 2011 - front side

Simplicity on purpose.

We’ve all seen them: 8.5 x 11″ reports, running 24 pages with a lot of color photos of smiling children. And we’ve all tossed them aside with barely a glance.  Read more

A Document is a Place

This statement by Bob Stein of The Institute on the Future of the Book in a recent Imprint story caught my eye:

“I view the book as a place where readers congregate
and the social aspect of reading is where we’re going.”

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icon of "emerging issues"

Icons for the RP Group

Just completed a set of icons that will be used by the RP Group for various subprograms. Read more