CompassPoint Annual Report 2011 - front side

Simplicity on purpose.

We’ve all seen them: 8.5 x 11″ reports, running 24 pages with a lot of color photos of smiling children. And we’ve all tossed them aside with barely a glance. 

We eschew that approach to the annual report. Instead we look for other ways of getting the message out. In this case, a big poster with a great quote on the front. The back of the poster has 5 or 6 short pieces on individuals that work with our client, CompassPoint. The story of a nonprofit’s success (or failure) is the story of its clients — not its staff, not its board, and not it’s executive director.

With that in mind, and conscious of a very tight budget, we kept this design to just 2 ink colors and a cheap craft-paper. The format itself is part of the message: yes, we all face constraints these days, but that doesn’t mean we can’t reach towards our purpose, make our goals, and find new ways to have an impact.